Training Inmates in High-Demand Skills Reduces Recidivism

A whole new type of inmate rehabilitation program is breaking new ground. The program is known as the Vocational Village. It’s the latest in a series of initiatives to hail from the state of Michigan. The idea is to train inmates in a number of high-paying jobs that can give them a life outside of jail.

Gainful Employment is the Cure for Recidivism

One of the biggest drains on state and Federal is the constant back and forth of inmates leaving and reentering the prison system. A number of methods have been tried in the past to stem this recurrent syndrome. There’s an excellent new program called the Vocational Village that seems to promise excellent results.

The state of Michigan has recently unveiled its very first Vocational Village that is meant for women prisoners. The idea is to give certain prisoners vital training in a number of employment fields that are currently in very high demand. The hope is that giving them this employment will keep them out of jail.

A Vocational Village is a place where prisoners can live, work, and learn in a safe, nurturing, and positively structured environment. The main focus will be on learning the skills they need to get a good-paying job. These fields include computer coding, carpentry, cosmetology, 3D printing, graphic design, and more.

The hope is that training prisoners to perform desirable jobs will give them the focus and self-esteem that they need to stay safely out of prison. By gaining employment in this fashion, they can also take their place as contributors to society. The self-worth that they gain can be a benefit to their community.

Stats Prove That Programs Like This Can Work Wonders

Perhaps the most pertinent bit of data to take away from this article is the fact that statistical evidence proves Vocational Village-type programs do work. Data collected by the Maryland Department of Corrections points to the fact that 70 percent of prisoners who completed this program have gotten and kept jobs.

This is extremely encouraging info that comes straight from the most impartial of sources. It should also be noted that about 30 percent of the prisoners who have attended a Vocational Village program have been offered jobs even before they were released. This means that many now have a good job to go straight to.

These are very crucial stats to remember as you consider whether or not to support the Vocational Village program. The effort that you put into helping this program get off the ground is far from wasted. The stats prove that taking action in this direction is paying off in a way that yields positive results.